House Subdivision Land Development Project

Plumbing, Sewerage and Drainage Plan

Are you planning to have a house subdivision land development project, whether for your own residential house or as part of your profession? Then, having a concrete planning of all the things you need, can be helpful in accomplishing your task. In this article, plumbing plans, sewerage, and drainage plan will be discussed in order to assist you on your housing projects.


House is one of the best assets that every individual aims for. Thus, it is not just like a dream that can be acquired easily, as it requires careful planning not just with the interior and exterior designs but also for the totally and functionality of the entire house. In land development projects, careful site inspection is necessary so that you will identify where to locate properly the plumbing systems of the house.


Through the help of plumbing plans, sewerage, and drainage plan made by a professional architect, engineers and other contractors where able to easily identify the process of establishing the foundation of a home. Proper disposal of waste is one of the critical and most complicated parts on a housing project. Thus, the careful analysis of each plans of waste disposal can produce a functional home.


Toilet is one of the significant areas of a house wherein it is utilized regularly. Therefore, toilet plumbing requires for a higher consideration. If this is not treated properly, future issues will surely not just give the homeowners stress, but the contractors, engineers, and architects might possibly lose their reputation.


How Toilet Plumbing Plan Work


A toilet possess to integral two parts: tank and bowl. The latter holds the water and connects it to the drain system for the wastewater and waste disposing. While the former, which is situated next to the bowl, contains spare water for refilling the bowl together with the tool for clean water flushing into the bowl and replenishing the tank.


Ballcock is connected to the water supply and regulates the water delivery to the tank. If the water of the tank continuously drops down in the bowl upon flush, the force creates the wastewater of the ball to go down in the drain system. The fall in water amount is monitored by a pressure gauge, float, ball, and this generates the ballcock to replenish the tank. Check here for the top rated flushing toilet in 2016.


If the conventional toilet is being flushed the water contained in the tank rushes to the bowl with an orifice that is called a flush valve. Prior you press the lever; the valve is being plugged to a rubber stopper that is called a tank ball, a flapper, or flapper ball.


These are the essential things that you should always consider when you are aiming to build your dream house. Having the right plumbing plans, sewerage and drainage plan for your house subdivision land development project, you can ensure that the house will become a very comfortable place to live with. Waste disposal for homes are very crucial; that is why, high consideration with these things must be a big priority.



Complete Township Land Development in Mactan Island

Consider Mactan Newtown for a Leisure Experience

The Mactan Newtown is one of the latest condo projects in Mactan Cebu. It is one of the major township development, having its own beach. This establishment already has everything from amenities for leisure, retail stores, beachfront condo living units, school, offices and even classy hotels. Thus, nobody might even want to leave this place. In here, you could also find the Cyberpark, where office buildings for company such as the BPO companies are situated. If you think that that is it, then you are wrong for by the year 2021, 5-10 addition office towers would be opened, amazing isn’t it? Each office space is capable of accommodating up to 45,000 workers especially those who are in the BPO sector.

This project is truly something that Mactan could be truly proud of for it is just such an excellent masterpiece created by geniuses. Aside from the office towers, the beachfront condo living units are also great, offering high quality lifestyle to those who are going to live in it. It also features the majestic view of the Magellan Bay, Mactan Shrine as well as the Hilutungan Channel that are considered as witnesses to the historical happenings in the said place.

Currently, some of the residential establishments are still under construction such as the One Manchester Place. On that note, the One Manchester Place is offering a beachfront condo living for those who are planning to stay for good in the area especially those who are looking for condo units with great amenities. The condo near beach resorts are also fully equipped with security systems such as CCTV and in some areas, there would even be video phone to ensure the safety of all.

On the other hand, there are also beachfront condo living units in the 8 Newtown Boulevard that are ready to accept occupants. The said Newtown Boulevard is consisting of 4 18-storey haven towers. Its amenities truly live up to the theme “Live-Play-Learn” for it is truly a place where one could do those 3 things at once. This condo near beach resorts are very well-planned. Since they know that the people nowadays are conscious with their health, they have also included a fitness center as well as a gym as one of its amenities, allowing the people to have an active as well as healthy lifestyle. Moreover, for those who are looking for relaxation amenities, it also has it for it has spas both outdoor and indoor. These condo units and the towers itself are truly outstanding.

Aside from the things mentioned above, a world class beach club is also soon to rise in the area. The Mactan Newtown is more than capable of providing an extravagant beachfront condo living. It has a potential in helping the tourism of Mactan boom to the point where it could be considered as the perfect place with the perfect ambiance that all people would surely love. Moreover, the condo near beach resorts is such a nice idea since many people wanted to be close to the nature in order for them to enjoy the true beauty that awaits them.

Land Development of Cebu Business Park and Cebu I.T Park

cebu business park

Every establishment has its own story. Success will never be felt if people did not share time and effort in improving a commercial location. The properties alone cannot move to transform themselves. There is a need for humans to execute the desired actions. Coming up with a durable and functional building definitely requires a big amount and sufficient manpower.

Let’s dig into the success story of two famous establishments in Cebu. Both of them reflect rich history and inspiring beginnings.

In 1980, Ayala Corporation bought a 50-hectare land property from the Cebu government. The land development of Cebu Business Park began with the zoning in 1990 and was done in 1992. In 2010, there was a declaration under Presidential Proclamation No. 2053 wherein Cebu Business Park became an official I.T Park. It is important to note that Cebu Business Park is known to be the biggest PEZA-accredited firm within the Philippines. There’s no wonder that it captured the interest of many investors.

Condominium in Ayala Cebu

With its wide area, it is capable of accommodating plenty of companies like Cathay Pacific, Innove Communications, Jinisys Software, SGV & Co., Taheiyo Cement, Taft Property, and Vivant.

Cebu Business Park is also considered as the location of banking institutions such as Chinabank, PS Bank, Metrobank, Citibank, Security Bank, RCBC, UCPB, Asia United Bank, Chinatrust Bank, HSBC, and Exportbank. We can never hide the fact about its vast location.

Aside from large businesses, the business park is also responsible for providing residential areas for the many. Cebu Business Park consists condominium buildings ( check ) with nearby sports facility, play area for the children, roof deck, landscape gardens, and lobby lounge. If you want to see a building within a building, this location will amaze you. As part of the highlights of CBP, Ayala Center is highly preferred as a lifestyle and shopping destination.

I.T. Park Cebu

it park

Cebu I.T Park was approved on April 6, 2000 by PEZA or Philippine Economic Zone. After a year, it became a special economic zone for information technology. In the same year, the office construction was materialized and the launching happened in 2002. Before getting its current name, CITP was called “Asiatown IT Park”. Compared to CBP, CITP is smaller with the area measurement of 24 hectares.

Considering the fact that technology is on its rapid growth, the development of Cebu I.T Park is an answer to the innovations and continuous upgrades. Despite of having an increasing demand for advanced facilities, CITP does not forget about maintaining the green environment. It makes sure that the surroundings will be conducive for doing daily transactions. Staying at CITP will also be memorable because has nearby learning institutions, residential subdivisions, shopping centers, golf courses, entertainment options, and hotels.

Both Cebu Business Park and Cebu I.T Park are products of a progressive land development. These commercial locations prove that Philippines has great potentials as a home of successful businesses, residential areas, and IT zones. They reflect the ability of the country to handle institutions and several investments.

SM Seaside City

OFW Must Know These Latest Developments in Cebu

Cebu City has had major changes brought about by man-made or natural factors. Change is inevitable, especially to this thriving metropolitan. With more people moving to  the city and more tourists flocking in, residential and business companies have built more to cater to  everyone’s needs.  If you are an OFW and you haven’t been to the city for quite a while, then you will surely notice how the Cebu you saw years ago is very far from the Cebu that you will see when you get home.

  •         The Infrastructures
  •         Commercial Establishments
  •         Food and Others


  1. The current and the most obvious to the people nowadays is the road repairfrom asphalt to Concrete Cement ). Although we know that the project will benefit a lot of people, the current situation is not making a lot of Cebuanos happy. So, if you go around the city, the “Road under Repair” sign or anything alike will be a part of the “sights” that you will get to see. Let’s just look forward to the good that all those repairs will bring us soon.
  2. Almost everyone knows about the strong earthquake that shook the Visayas last October 2013. This left the belfry or the part of the church that of the Basilica Minore del Sto Nino severely damaged.  It made buzz, but it’s a good thing that the belfry is currently under repair.

    Basilica StoNino
    Basilica StoNino
  3. Another major damage is the CICC in Mandaue. It partly looked like the “Colosseum” in France – not in beauty but in ruins. There is a part of the building that looks like a skeleton.
  4. Osmeña Boulevard sidewalk is way better than what it used to be. Thanks to the help of the private sector, the sidewalks got a make-over. There are now flower boxes on the roadside that will make your strolls on the boulevard a whole lot better. They are also working on making the area cable-less. That is surely something to look forward to.
  5. Cebu Port Authority also changed for the better. It is now cleaner and looks a bit more “welcoming” to local and foreign travelers.
  6. The Mactan-Cebu International Airport is a gateway for most tourists traveling directly from their countries to Cebu and it is just right to impress them right when they arrive. The airport will soon look “international” and aims to attract tourists with its new look.

Commercial Establishments

  1. Ayala Center Cebu’s new wing which features mostly international brands is like a huge magnet for high-end shoppers. The new wing’s design makes one feel luxurious in shopping and in strolling. A new condo tower Solinea Lazuli will be constructed and its very close to Ayala Mall Cebu.

    Solinea Lazuli
    Solinea Lazuli Ayala Condo
  2. Taking the excitement downtown, Colon has now three Metros. Downtown Cebu still has its flare for it never runs out of shoppers and most businesses sell most in the area.
  3. Say goodbye to your morning or afternoon jogs in Cebu IT Park because more and more commercial towers are rising in the area giving less public spaces to enjoy. This is actually a good thing for the economy of the city; however, this place will be less and less a relaxing place in the years to come.
  4. Hold your breath. The SM Seaside City is opening in a year. This will soon be the biggest shopping center in Cebu and everyone just can’t wait for this wonder to be open to the public!
  5. With more tourists flocking in, Cebu’s hotels are getting more attention. More hotels are being built which means more high-rise buildings in Cebu.

Food and Others

  1. SRP, the place where SM Seaside City will soon open, also boasts a famous restaurant chain – Lantaw. This restaurant is famous for its food and the view it offers, and SRP surely has the view that fits Lantaw’s trademark.

    SM Seaside City
    SM Seaside City
  2. Convenience stores that were only in Manila before are now in Cebu. Ask a Cebuano and you will know the slurpee rage that happened when 7-11 opened in Cebu. Good thing that you can now get your slurpee without a line. Mini-Stop is also starting to have many branches in the city.
  3. Tuslob-buwa is the new siomai. This is like the Cebuano’s very own version of Shabu-Shabu, but more fun and yummier!

There are and there will be more changes in the city. We should open our minds to the idea that these changes are taking place for the city to be able to catch up with the demands of the present times. Although there are surely complaints, but here’s a tip: enjoy the change and ride on with it while you can.


Land Developments in It Park Lahug and Ayala Cebu Business Park

IT Park in Lahug and the Ayala Cebu Business Park in Cebu represent some of the biggest real estate development areas in the province. They are also continually growing with new developments and construction projects taking place in both of these parks. In fact, the growth and development of these two business parks don’t seem to show any signs of slowing down in the near future.

So what currently are the land development projects that are being undertaken in these two business parks?

Cebu Business Park

These are the latest in real estate developments in Ayala Cebu Business Park:

  • Skyrise Alpha

Skyrise Alpha is the latest development project of Skyrise Realty Development Corp. SRDC is better known as the firm behind the buildings in IT Park. Skyrise Alpha is nearly completed, and will have seven floors of office space available for leasing. The rest of the building will be devoted to parking space for the employees of the future companies who will operate in the building. Skyrise Alpha will then be followed upon completion by Skyrise Beta.

  • 1016 Residences

1016 Residences is a condominium complex developed by Ayala Land, and is a 27-storey giant offering luxurious condo units of varying sizes. The smallest unit has a floor area of 98 square meters and the largest occupies nearly 230 square meters. 1016 Residences is very near to the Ayala Center Shopping Mall. As part of their investment, 1016 Residences homeowners also enjoy access to the City Sports Center Cebu just across the street.

IT Park in Lahug

On the other hand, IT Park is currently having the following new developments and properties within its expanse:

  • Avida Towers Riala

The Avida Towers Riala is a 5-tower condominium project that is being developed right now in IT Park. When completed, Tower 1 of the project will have a total of 621 condominium units. The 27-storey tower will also offer amenities like swimming pool access exclusive to its residents, and a multi-purpose hall. The tower will also be protected by 24-hour CCTV security.

  • Cebu IT Park Superblock

The Cebu IT Park Superblock is the tentative name of a mixed use project that is currently being developed by the Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corp. There is currently no solid plan yet on the development but, as of April 2014, CPVDC is finalizing the “master plan” and has revealed that the Superblock will include a regional mall and will have sections for commercial space as well as a hotel. According to the developers, this Superblock is intended to follow up on or introduce the success of the Cebu Business Park into the Cebu IT Park.

It is indeed an exciting time for locals and investors alike in Cebu City. These four new developments represent an excellent opportunity for both residential and commercial investment! In addition, they also signify that Cebu is on its way to becoming a great hub for business – a development that you should be capitalizing on whether you are a businessman or someone looking for a great place to spend your retirement in.