SUTUKIL: Must Try Mactan Island Dish

A visit to Mactan Island is never complete without trying its famous dish; SUTUKIL. It means Sugba, (grilled) Tula, (soup) and Kilaw (eaten raw). It is basically seafood stuff where you can choose the kind of sea food to be prepared as SUTUKIL. There are countless restaurants, bistros, bars, and even high end entertainment places where this Mactan delicacy is served. Your host in Mactan will not let you leave this fantastic island in Cebu without trying one.

You can also visit Mactan Newtown Al Fresco is where tourists have good local and international food with reasonable prices. It is located 15 minutes drive from the Mactan International Airport, the best dining stop for both locals and foreigners.

How It Is Prepared

First, you have to select the sea foods that go into the dish. You can choose prawns, fish, tuna, shellfish, and squid for example. You can choose to have one big tuna cut into pieces where the belly and the tail are grilled, the middle part are made into fish salad (kilaw or kinilaw), and the head goes into boiled water peppered with spices like onions, ginger, and lemongrass. You may also mix different sea foods as SUTUKIL like grilled prawns, tuna belly for the kinilaw, and shellfish for the soup. The possibilities are too many too mention. Different food establishments have different styles of preparing and marinating the fish and other seafood. Some will tap the seafood with salt and pepper only while others will marinate the fish for a few minutes before grilling it.

How to Choose a SUTUKIL Restaurant

There are hundreds of restaurants serving SUTUKIL and these numbers do not include exclusive SUTUKIL food houses along the beach area in Mactan Island. Unless you have a host or guide leading you to a trusted one, finding one all by yourself can be tedious and risky. Here are some tips to guide you:

If you are staying in hotels or any transient house, you can ask the front desk or receptionist or any other employee to recommend one for you.

If you have friends who already experienced a SUTUKIL adventure in Mactan Island, you can ask for their help too.

Check out the place first and find out if the place is quite sanitary. Rule of thumb is if the place is bustling with people, then go for it. The lack of customers dining in is already an indication that the place is not good. Based on feedback, a reputable SUTUKIL restaurant never runs out of patrons from opening time until it closes.

How to Order

Most SUTUKIL restaurants have the sea foods displayed in the counter either near the entrance or at the back where you see an aquarium or glass showcase with sea food laid on top of crushed ice. You only have to point out the sea food variety you want to eat ala SUTUKIL. Here’s how to do it:

Identify which part goes for SUGBA, TULA, and KILAW if you’re choosing one large fish.

If you’re selecting different kinds of sea food, do the same too.

Remember your orders and choices to avoid being served orders which are not yours.

Remember that the food are tagged in price per kilogram; thus, you have to weigh it first to have an idea how much to pay later.

Why SUTUKIL is Popular

The reasons why SUTUKIL is a very popular dish in Mactan include the following:

  • it is easy to prepare
  • it only takes a few minutes to prepare

Most importantly, you are assured that sea foods are fresh as Mactan is surrounded by seawater, and sea food is generally healthy as it has lesser cholesterol content.

Top 3 Toilet Brands in the Market

There are many toilet brands to choose from in the market today. Many companies produce various types and models of toilets with different tempting designs and features. But as wise homeowners, the choice of brand would be your own decision. However, even there are many models out there you need to be careful in choosing.
Well, choosing which models is the most effective in the market is not easy; it takes time and effort to find the best among all. Regarding your problem, here are the solutions you are waiting for. Why? It is because in this article, you will find out and read the top three lists of popular toilet brands in the market and which model is the right choice that will best suit your needs.

From all brands of toilet in the market, it is not very simple and to make a decision about which model will work well in your household. So, this article features top brands of toilet which will help you narrow down your option.

Top 3 Toilet Brands in the Market

Toto Drake toilet. This toilet brand is truly has a high efficiency flashing system. There are large numbers of customers who are satisfied with its efficient and powerful double cyclone flushing system that cleans the rim and bowl completely. Most of homeowners said that when using this, they have not experienced any over flow nor clogging. In this way, they can save their time and water on cleaning it since this flushing system comes with a Sanagloss, a self-cleaning super-efficient and smooth bowl surface. What is good about this model is that is has no holes. It means that it is easier to clean and at the same time it gives seamless appearance. Toto Drake toilet is efficient, quiet and the best flushing toilet system that is good for you to buy.

American standard toilet. This toilet brand has the widest collection of top rated performance flushing system in the marker today. This toilet uses only less water. This means that homeowners can save more water as well as time from cleaning. Most homeowners choose American toilet brand because of its high performance and high standard quality. You will love this because it can save you lot of money.

Kohler toilet. This brand of this toilet comes with a stunning style of the latest technologies available in the market. As you try to use this toilet in your home, you will be happy because it is worth the price. Those homeowners who already tried to use one of the toilet models of Kohler said that it is very ideal to use in home because of its efficiency and quickness in flushing.

From those three top lists of toilet brands, this article hopes that you already have an idea about which brand of toilet to choose on the market. But the most effective brand of toilet can be the brand of Toto. It is because from the given explanation above, you will find out that this brand has a good flashing system model. But that is only a suggestion, the decision is all yours.

Should I Get Screened For Oral Cancer?

Oral cancer is referred to any type of abnormal cancerous tissue that develops within the oral cavity. It is a rapidly growing problem throughout world, and resulted in 135,000 deaths in the US alone in the year 2013, with a five year survival rate of about 63% in the US.

What is Oral Cancer Screening?

Screening is usually performed to rule out the presence of any cancerous activity within the oral cavity. There are two types of approaches present for screening oral cancer, clinical examination and cytological tests.

  • Screening For Oral Cancer Through Clinical Examination – squamous cell carcinoma, the most common type of malignant oral cancers, first presents in the form of any pre-malignant lesions. Hence, it is possible for a dentist to detect it, even before it spreads or becomes malignant, during routine clinical examination. Therefore, it is necessary for dentists to look for any swellings or lesions that might be indicative of a developing malignant oral cancer.
  • Cytological Tests – these are usually performed once the dentist is suspicious about the malignancy of any lesion that was found during examination, and has to confirm his findings through the lab. In this case, the dentist takes a biopsy of the suspected area, and sends it to the lab for analysis.

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

  • Swelling -Presence of any type of swelling, bumps or crusts
  • Patches – the presence of white or red patches anywhere within the oral cavity might be indicative of a developing oral cancer.
  • Bleeding – can be present sometimes
  • Numbness or Paresthesia – this can occur as a result of the pressure exerted onto the nerves due to the growing tumor.
  • Difficulty in Chewing – due to the presence of swelling.
  • Rapid Weight Loss – this is one of the most obvious signs of a cancer.
  • Tooth Misalignment of Teeth / Poor Fitting Dentures – a developing tumor can change the shape of the underlying bone, thereby resulting in tooth misalignment or loss of retention or instability of dentures.

Risk Factors for Oral Cancer

Research has identified the following risk factors for developing oral cancer:

  • Smoking – the incidence of oral cancer has been found to be higher in the habitual smokers than in the non-smokers.
  • Heavy Consumption of Alcohol – risk of oral cancer is very high for individuals who drink alcohol, and is even higher for those who smoke as well as drink alcohol.
  • Eating Pan, Quid or Sniff – in many parts of the world, especially India, people are fond of eating pan or keeping quid in their mouths. It has been shown that these individuals are also at a higher risk of developing cancer. In fact, oral cancer is the most common form of cancer in India.
  • Genetic Predisposition – people who have family members suffering from oral cancer through generations, are also at a greater risk of having oral cancer.
  • Excessive Exposure to Sunlight – while moderate amounts of exposure to sunlight are beneficial in making Vitamin D for the body, exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged duration can also result in development of oral cancer.
  • Human Papilloma Virus – a few studies have shown the correlation between the presence of the human papilloma virus, and increased incidence of oral cancer.

Is Oral Cancer Screening Really Necessary?
Since the number of people suffering this deadly disease is rising at an alarming rate, people frequently ask about the importance and necessity of getting screened for oral cancer. The simplest answer for this is, yes! For people who do not possess any risk factors for oral cancer, preliminary screening for oral cancer during each visit to the dentist can be sufficient. However, for those individuals, who are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer, must be thoroughly screened out, both during clinical examination as well with the help of cytology at frequent intervals to detect oral cancers at early stages.

To prevent oral cancer try to use the best electric toothbrush.

The Final Verdict

There is no harm in getting screened for oral cancer. However, any invasive diagnostic treatment that is performed to confirm the presence of oral cancer must be backed by thorough evidence from nov-invasive procedures and clinical examination. In addition, individuals who are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer must limit their risk factors and frequently visit their dentist to get screened from oral cancer. It is also advisable for everyone to visit their dentist immediately, if they observe any long standing or non-healing swelling, so that proper treatment can be sought.

Methods For Investing in Land Development

Land developments taking raw land and transforming it into its highest and best use based on the area whether residential or commercial.

Land development would you consider as profitable as other commercial? Yes it’s, it could be even more profitable. There are numerous benefits actually you can creatively work with seller since financing scares .

You can create if you work with developers and builders if you own or even controlled the land you don’t have to necessarily own it. you can control it I have many methods for people to be able to develop the land without actually spending the money just working with the experts.

You can also if you want to you can just subdivide the land you can just literally get the entitlements and then turn around and flip it turnaround sell it. You can do that also creatively. one more thing I want to mention about benefits of land is you can get big tenants to build to their own specs and what you do is a land-lease.

Usually after 25 years the building that they built and paid for refers to you as the owner and if you want to develop and you really want to go for it you can actually pre-sell your project and built in stages.

I have experts students that actually have been developers for thirty-plus years. They attest to the fact that this system following the fax system from how to find the land to analyzing the numbers to controlling it creatively two-timing the process and strategizing for profit have been one of the best methods have ever used it they had it has taken their game to another level.

Mandaue City

Imagine yourself as someone from a different part of the Philippines, specifically from Luzon and Mindanao. What’s the first thing that pops in your mind when someone asks you about Metropolitan Cebu? Cebu city, right? If you have never been to Central Visayas or don’t know anyone in Central Visayas, there is a chance that the only thing you know about Metropolitan Cebu is Cebu City. What you might not know is that Metro Cebu isn’t all just about Cebu City.

Metro Cebu composes of seven cities and six municipalities:

  • Carcar City
  • Cebu City
  • Danao City
  • Lapu-Lapu City
  • Mandaue City
  • Naga City
  • Talisay City


  • Compostela
  • Consolacion
  • Consolacion
  • Cordova
  • Liloan
  • Minglanilla
  • San Fernando

While Cebu City is the Queen City of the South, it is basically the biggest city in Metropolitan Cebu or the whole Central Visayas for that matter. There are two 1st class cities in the Province of Cebu. Cebu City as one and the other one is Mandaue City.

This city is located just across Mactan Island where Lapu-Lapu lies. Businessmen and investors choose the active metropolis of Mandaue not only because it’s known as the “Furniture Capital of the Philippine” but also for its long history of comers. The city was once a busy port, business transactions were exchanged among merchants.

Currently, Mandaue City is a first class city with great enterprising, wise entrepreneurs and talented people. Forty percent (40%) of Cebu’s export companies are in Mandaue, coming mostly from the furniture sector; thus the title “Furniture Capital of the Philippines”.

Mandaue City is actually known as the “Emerging Convention City in Asia”. It is in Mandaue that the Cebu International Convention Center, also known as CICC, lies. International attention was drawn to the city as it is in CICC where the 12th ASEAN summit was held. This makes the city more involved in international relations and became the core of development of the province of Cebu.

Aside from Mandaue city boosting in the business sector, it is also a great placed to stay with all those festivals happening every year. The city is full of successful business and fun. We have Mandaue Fiesta, Panagtagbo, Comparsa sa Mandaue, Mantawi Festival Miss and Mr Madaue, Kabayo Festival, Sinulog sa Mandaue and Passion.

To introduce to you some of the festivals in Mandaue, we will mention Mantawi Festival, Kabayo Festival and Pasigarbo sa Sugbo

Mantawi Festival is where tribal dances performed with different beats and using brass as accompaniment.

Kabayo Festival is also known as Governor’s Cup. Horse racing and other equestrianistic sport that has western ways of riding are happening here annual during the second week of February.

Lastly, there’s Pasigarbo sa Sugbo. This festival is one, if not the biggest, of the biggest festivals in Mandaue city. This event is held annually in the CICC. It showcases Cebu’s culture and different festivals. Dancers from the cities and municipalities all over the province compete with colorful costumes and elaborate props. Grand fireworks display will be shown at the end of the festival.

There are a lot more from Metropolitan Cebu than Cebu City, Mandaue city is one of them. Hopefully this article sparked an interest in knowing more about Metro Cebu as it has a lot more to offer.

Island of Mactan


A part of the Province of Cebu is this densely populated island just a few kilometers away from Cebu island. Divided into the municipality of Cordova and Lapu-Lapu City, this island is separated from Cebu through Mactan channel. It is connected to Cebu through two bridges: the Mactan-Mandaue Bridge and the Marcelo Fernan Bridge.

This is the Island of Mactan.

Mactan is also known for it is where the Mactan-Cebu International Airport located, making it Cebu accessible to international flights. Currently, Mactan is also known for its industrial factories that some are part of the most successful industrial ventures in the country. A lot of these factories lies at the Mactan Export Processing Zone or MEPZ. MEPZ is an industrial tax-free zone. When we talk about Mactan, we can never set aside its popularity when it comes to its high-class tourism industry, furniture production and musical instruments – most especially guitar.

In history, Mactan is the island where Ferdinand Magellan with his troops battle against Lap-Lapu who was a chieftain and his people during the time of battle. Lapu-Lapu and his men defeated the Spanish troops; thus, the Philippines honor him through naming a city in his name, monuments of him were built not only in Mactan but also in Cebu Provincial Capital as he is retroactively honored as the first National Hero of the Philippines.

Two of the major historical sites you should see in Mactan island is Magellan’s Marker and Lapu-Lapu Shrine which is also called the Liberty Shrine. In Liberty Shrine stands the popular monument of Datu Lapu-Lapu in honor for defeating Ferdinand Magellan and his men that turned him into being the Philippines’ first hero. In Magellan’s Marker where the Battle of Mactan took place. Every year, people gather for the re-enactment of the Battle of Mactan. This is known by locals as the “Kadaugan sa Mactan”

In the islands of Cebu, Mactan is one of the major tourist islands. The island boasts its varied compilation of attractions and tourist spots. The island offers one of the best diving, island hopping, snorkeling, sailing, jetski and cultural activities of any island in the country. It is only in Mactan where you can locate the only aquarium attraction in the Visayas. Mactan is the home of the most high class resorts in the province of Cebu as it offers well-maintained water resources. It is definitely a great place to have a vacation with your loved ones, especially if you want to do some underwater and water adventure.

Lapu-Lapu City consists of 30 barangays, namely:

  • Agus
  • Babag
  • Bankal
  • Baring
  • Basak
  • Buaya
  • Calawisan
  • Canjulao
  • Caw-oy
  • Caohagan
  • Caubian
  • Gun-ob
  • Ibo
  • Looc
  • Mactan
  • Maribago
  • Marigondon
  • Pajac
  • Pajo
  • Pangan-an
  • Poblacion
  • Punta Engaño
  • PUsok
  • Sabang
  • Santa Rosa
  • San Vicente
  • Suba-Basbas
  • Talima
  • Tingo
  • Tungasan

Mactan is a place of history and tourist fun. When you have the time to look around and have some water adventure fun, you can go to Mactan and enjoy its offers.

What I love living in Cebu City

i love cebu

I’ve been living in Cebu city all my life. It’s been more than a score, and I’m proud to say that I grew up in Cebu City. Most of us are proud of our homeland, even though some are not. Some live here and soon transfer to another place within the country or outside. Although, there may be instances where I want to work in another country or in Manila, but none of those made me feel comfortable. No, I’m not scared of going to another place and make a new life there. It’s just that there’s just something in Cebu city that I don’t to leave behind aside from my family and friends.

Why do I love living in Cebu City?

  • Friendly atmosphere. I don’t know about you guys but my place is so friendly. Although, there are some neighbors who are too cranky and too proud that they look down on others, but our stay here is great. In fact, whenever it’s Christmas, New Year and Sinulog, we cook the food together with helping hands, even though we entertain different visitors in our own houses.
  • Schools. Cebu City has a few of the best schools in the Philippines. They have great facilities and they are not that far away from one another, so location isn’t really much of an issue. Most of the schools here are Catholic schools as well. Finally, I think the schools have closer camaraderie because of many inter-school events done annually.
  • English. If we don’t speak in Cebuano or Bisaya, we will speak in English. Cebu has the best English speakers within the Philippines and that’s something I’m proud. If you speak Tagalog to us, don’t be surprised if we reply back to you in English. We really do prefer talking in English because we’re more comfortable than talking in Tagalog (We know we sound awkward in that language)
  • Rural and Urban at the same time. Despite being a city (Queen City of the South, for that matter) it still has an atmosphere of a province in tact. It’s a city and it’s totally civilized but doesn’t build too much buildings that can lose the city’s province feel. It is well-balanced with nature. Where else do you see a big city with mountains within its perimeter. Beaches and resorts are just minutes away from downtown.
  • Sinulog. Despite the years passing by, Cebuanos still keep Sinulog as a solid tradition. Sinulog still continued to be the biggest festival in Cebu. It’s nice to know that even if generations come and go, the Catholicism of Cebu is still there. They still continue to appreciate and worship the child Jesus. It is really admirable.
  • Tourist spots. Basilica del Sto Niño, Magallanes Cross, Fort San Pedro to name some of the famous tourist spots in the Philippines. It makes me proud to see the tourists appreciate the spots made in history within my homeland.
  • Safety. Cebu is pretty safe. The only crimes that usually happens are pick-pockets. As long as you don’t make yourself look as a probable target, you’ll be safe. Even though I use my mobile phone in the jeepney and come out safe and sound, it’s best to avoid attracting probable suspects. Always keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings.

We will come you to visit Cebu City especially during Sinulog, see you in 2015.

Why do Koreans love Cebu Philippines ?


If you’re a local living in Cebu City, you have probably seen these people hanging around in Mabolo, Ayala, SM, Talamban and many more. No, they don’t have “kayumanggi” skin like us. Their girls wear sun dresses in malls even if it isn’t summer. They’re Asians but they have pale white skin, much to some of our girls’ envy. You probably know who I’m talking about, right? Did it scream “Korean”? Well, you got it right.

In this article, we’re going to tackle about Koreans and their love for Cebu.

So what is it in Cebu that Koreans love to come back and visit?

  • Best in English. Cebuanos are the best in speaking English around the country. It’s basically the reason why there are a lot of Outsourcing companies establishing in the city. Most of the Koreans coming in Cebu have the intention of studying English language. Why would they prefer learning here to a country which uses the English as its first language? This leads us to the next reason.
  • Less costly. Any Korean think that, here in the Philippines, the things are cheaper compared to the things back in Korea such as the clothes, the food, the house rentals or the hotel prices and many more. A number of Koreans here in the country study the English language. The payments costs less than other countries that has English as their mother tongue.
  • Hospitality. Although this actually applies to the whole Philippines, we can’t really put Filipino hospitality out of the picture. If the Philippines weren’t known for its hospitality, pretty sure there would be less tourists coming in the country. Anyway, who wouldn’t want to have a warm welcome from locals in an unfamiliar country?
  • Beaches and Resorts. While a number of Koreans in Cebu come here to study English, there are also a number that wants to have fun under the heat of the sun in the beach. It’s not like South Korea doesn’t have any beaches. They do actually but most of the time, the weather there is cold. So they can’t really enjoy the beach anytime they want to. We have many local beaches here, either north or south, you can’t go wrong. Specifically in Lapu-Lapu city, there are a lot of resort hotels, from luxurious ones to simple ones. This gives the Koreans many choices on where to have fun in the sea.
  • Tourist Spots. They just love touring around the island. The move from Magellanes cross, Basilica del Santo Niño, Fort San Pedro, Taoist Temple to Lapu-Lapu Shrine. Tourists don’t want to miss tourists spots. Never.
  • Balance between Rural and Urban. Cebu city may be the Queen City of the South but it’s not as big as Manila. Don’t get it wrong. Cebu City is a big city but it still gives off a provincial feel. You do get the best of both worlds in Cebu. There’s a part of the city where it’s really urban with those really tall buildings standing. There’s also a part of city where you see lots of greens with less establishments around. Also the mountains and beaches are just minutes away. You can’t really miss those out, especially the mountains, you can just pass by them as they are within the city.

These are just a few of the things Koreans love about Cebu. There might be a lot more that you know that I haven’t mentioned yet. However, it’s a good thing that your place is being loved by foreigners. It makes you prouder of your country than you already are.

The Boholanos Ultimate Guide in Studying in USJ-R

Students at usjr

College is a big move from the chill high school life to an adolescent life filled with responsibilities and requirements. For some, the move can be literal, like moving from one place to another just to have the high quality college education. Education is indeed an investment and college has to be the most important one. If you are a graduating student from Bohol and looking forward to studying in Cebu, one of the best universities in Cebu is the University of San Jose-Recoletos.

The University of San Jose-Recoletos or USJ-R is a Catholic educational institution that aims for holistic development of its students. It has geared itself up with the high-tech facilities like air conditioning, campus-wide Wi-Fi connectivity, LCD projectors in all the classrooms, flat screen televisions, latest computers, and many more to aid in the full potential development of the students. It is also grounded in Christian values to produce students who will have a heart to lead and serve the people. Administrators, faculty members, and the students show respect to students from other religions, too. The university has student activities to complete the holistic development. With innovative facilities and a wonderful Josenian culture, your success will surely be molded the right way in USJ-R.

Successful Josenian Professionals

USJ-R is the alma mater of famous newscasters like Rico Lucena, Vilma Andales, and Leo Lastimosa. Rico Lucena and other local news personalities often teaches some of the Mass Communication classes. USJ-R employs practitioners who are excellent at their fields. The celebrity Diva Montelaba and the beauty queen Jamie Herrell  also studied in the university.

This ultimate guide is tailored specially for the students coming from Bohol. Let’s face it. Graduation will still be in March, but today is the best day to start preparing for your college life. If you want to spend your amazing college days in USJ-R, there are many things you should know about life in the university and life in Cebu. Good thing, we are able to trim them down simply for you.

Becoming Part of USJ-R

So, first things first. Getting there would be the first on your list. You will need to travel thrice. First, is for the entrance examination (which you will learn about a little later), second for the enrollment, and third for the first day of classes (yay!). For those who have not been to Cebu, be mindful of these reminders:

  • The regular fare for Cebu-Tagbilaran/Tagbilaran-Cebu route is Php 525.00 via Supercat. This rate is as of the writing of this article. To check on rate changes, you may want to visit their website at  An additional Php 25.00 is required for the terminal fee.
  • It is best to bring your parents along on the first two travels. As someone new to the city, you may need to get acquainted with how things work first. Your parents could also help you better understand some of the paperworks for school.
  • If you do not have a relative’s home that you can stay at, you may rent rooms from the cheap hotels in downtown area. The recommended hotels you can stay at are GV Tower Hotel (starts at Php 525) and Hotel Sogo (starts at Php 725). You may not always need to book a hotel room. Only book if the processing of papers would take overnight, which is not a common case.
  • If your parents wants you to put you on a secure house and lot or condo within Cebu city, you may check this house and lot in Guadalupe Cebu City or simply contact an agent from (Landline 2601899, Cellphone 09321953491) to guide you.
  • From the pier, take a cab and tell the driver to take you to USJ-R Main Campus. Do not forget to mention Main Campus because USJ-R has a campus in Basak, Pardo.

The university usually offers free rides from the different piers in the Cebu Port to the campus before the start of classes. Check on if they have free rides offer for the school year you are starting in and the schedule of the free rides. All you need is to present your ID, in your case, your study load will do, to get a ride from the school buses.

Entrance Examinations

One of the requirements from freshmen is the results of the entrance examinations. Entrance examinations for freshmen usually start in December. You must bring Php 300.00 examination fee Entrance Examinations are usually taken at the Guidance Office. It is on the ground floor of the St. Augustine building. You may ask one of the friendly students in San Jose for specific directions.

Enrollment Requirements and Overview on Procedures

To enroll in a course, you must bring the following:

  • High School Card and NCAE Results
  • Entrance test Results
  • 2 pieces 2×2 picture
  • Certificate of Good Moral Conduct
  • Original copy of NSO birth certificate
  • Enrollment fee of Php 1,500.00

Procedures vary from different colleges, but you may start by submitting your requirements to the college that offers your course and ask for an enrollment form. You will not be allowed to enroll if there is anything lacking in your requirements. You won’t worry because an Enrollment Assistance table is always there during enrollments and the working students in different offices are always welcoming to all your inquiries. The first office will most likely let you know where you will go next and the next office will do the same thing. If they miss to inform you, you can always ask.


There are only a few tailoring shops that are authorized to make the uniforms and they are always visible on the lobby during enrollment.  One set which means one blouse, one skirt, and a necktie costs Php1,500.00. New students are required to present the receipt of their uniforms before they can print their study load. The blouses have long sleeves because the rooms are air-conditioned. Only nude/black foot socks are allowed. No more ankle-length white socks, please.

Also, freshmen are usually required to wear their uniforms third week after the first day of class. Please keep posted through posted announcements or announcements flashed on the television screen on the lobby.

For the PE Uniforms, they are available at the university bookstore at a total of around Php 500.00 for a set. Prices can change after the writing of this article so it is best to check the bookstore at the ground floor of the university.


Books are required for most general education subjects like English, Math, Religious Education, etc. They are given at the first or second week of classes. They can be purchased at the bookstore. Do not forget to fill out the order slips that can be found near the counter. Books can range from Php 200-500.

Snacks and Meals

The canteen is the main source of food in the university. There are stores selling meals and kiosks selling snack food. Budget meals (1 viand + 1 cup of rice +/or drink) costs at the most Php 50.00. You can always try out the cheaper Carinderias outside the school like inside Freedom Park where you can get a full meal at Php 25.00, but the risk is yours to take. For snacks, you can choose from the usual snack food inside the canteen or spend just Php 10.00 for a banana cue or peanuts just outside the school. They taste good and can suffice for your snacks.


From USJ-R to SM, you will ride a jeepney with number sign 12G. You will just wait in front of the school – outside Cebu Bazaar or San Jose Bakeshop. This will stop in the SM PUJ Terminal. Fare is just Php 8.00. Take the same jeepney going back.

Going to Ayala is a bit tricky. You can either take one or two rides. If you wish to take just one ride, you will have to walk to McDonalds in front of Metro Colon or you can wait across Unitop. From there, you take 14D. The stop is inside Ayala PUJ Terminal. If you wish to take two rides because you do not yet know how to get to Metro Colon, first take 07B, 06B, or 17B outside the school (the road where the banana cue vendors are). Stop in Cebu Doctor’s University Hospital and take the 14D jeepney there. Going back, take 14D and stop in Bo’s Coffee in Capitol and take 07B, 06B, or 17B.

To go to and from the Basak Campus where you will be having your PE classes, take the 9G jeepney on the side of the school facing San Jose Bakeshop. Do not cross the street, just wait on that side. Take the same jeepney going back. The university buses also offer rides to and from the Basak Campus. Schedules are posted on the buses waiting at the parking area of the school. Purchase your tickets at the bookstore before taking the ride.

Josenians College Life Tips

Classrooms – In your studyload, you will find the room numbers of your classes. The first digit signifies the floor of your room. For example, your room number is 429. It is located on the fourth floor. It will be easier to find the rooms once you are on the right floor because room numbers are just on top of the doors.

Guidance Slips – First years have guidance classes. On the guidance classes in the first semester, you are required to attend various activities like Pakighimamat, School Tour, Convocation, etcetera. These activities have attendance slips. You should keep these slips. Do not bring them around. Once you got them, keep them in a safe place in your room to avoid losing them. To be safe, photocopy the slips. Once you lose just one of them, you will have to retake Guidance 1 or 2.

Organizations – Each degree program has its own organization. These organizations organize acquaintance parties, Christmas parties, Team Buildings, Outreach Programs, etc. Make sure you know what organization you belong to. Ask your department for details. If you can, you may also ask for the contact number of the president of your organization. Attend general assemblies and be an active member.

Studying – College is not high school. The happy-go-lucky lifestyle will not get you through college. So, make studying a habit. Do not cram nor cheat off an exam. Study as much as you can for each subject every day. Do not prioritize online gaming or hanging out with friends. You may, but once a week or twice a month is already enough. Your parents sent you to college to study, not tour the city.

Taking Notes – Unlike high school, your professor will not tell you to “copy this, copy that.” You will rely on your own initiative what and what not to copy. Do not copy everything. Only copy those that are necessary. Try to jot down some important stuff that the professor said during discussion. Most test answers come from the mouth of the teachers themselves.

School Supplies – You just need a binder, and you’re good to go. No need for one notebook per subject. Have trusty ballpens, highlighters, a pad of paper, and a correction ink. If there are more supplies required, do not worry. There are five school supplies store outside the school and a bookstore inside. Just cross the street and you can find People’s Educational Supply, two Visayan Supply stores, and Victory. They sell all sorts of school supplies at a very low price. For the quick needs like papers, bond papers, or ballpens, they are available on the candy vendors alongside the banana cue vendors.

Push Messaging System – To get trusted updates, sign up on for the university’s push messaging system. They will update you if there are no classes and if there are special notifications or events.

Follow Rules – You will be required to read the school rules upon enrollment. Make sure you remember them, and follow them. It is complicated to violate a rule, and you’ll get some good scolding if you do. The most common violations of students are colored hair, long hair (for the men), shoes with too many embellishments, not leather shoes, wearing jeggings/leggings, and rolling up of sleeves. You can also get a violation for sitting on the stairs or squatting on the hallways. Check the school’s handbooks for the complete guidelines.

Who to approach – If you have inquiries, approach the chairman of your department. You can always ask the working students on the offices for minor inquiries. They will refer you to the chairman if they cannot answer your question. An Information Office can be found on the left side if you are facing the main stairs. The working student on that booth will always be happy to accommodate you.

Professors – The university has a lot of competent professors. You will hear stories from your ates and kuyas about the terror professors, but do not let them scare you. You will always learn the most from the toughest professors. So, take the deep plunge and you will be the best you can be.

Top 3 Hang-outs in USJ-R Cebu                


The University of San Jose-Recoletos in Magallanes St, Cebu City is a second home to more than 10,000 students. USJ-R students are fondly called “Josenians”. Being in a downtown area, the school is around what we can say “ancient” buildings. Still, the school attracts more and more enrollees each school year because of the high quality education and high-tech facilities it offers to its students. The entire university even a few meters outside is monitored by CCTV cameras. USJ-R is one of the very few schools who have this security monitoring in Visayas. Not just that, it also inculcates Christian values to its students. Most people would say that they really admire the Josenian culture.

Besides all those things, Josenians love to hang out with their classmates and friends in and out of the school. University life has long vacant periods sometimes, so it is a must for the students to have regular places to hang out. Here are some of the top go-to places of the students:

  • Library

The USJ-R library is really huge and it is fully air-conditioned. There are thousands of references and there is also a computer room where students can do their research assignments. The library has Wi-Fi accessibility in all areas. Students who would study and who would just chill go to the library. At most times, it is peaceful, making it the perfect place to do schoolwork or do nothing. The top two rules in the library are no answering of calls (texting is allowed) and no noise. Some would just scribble their messages on papers if they wish to talk to their friends. Most freshmen and transferees prefer hanging out in the library if they still haven’t had a circle of friends to hang out with.

  • Study Areas

There are several study areas in the university. Unlike the library, students are allowed to talk with each other in the study areas. Two areas are air-conditioned while the rest have natural ventilation. Projects that could create mess (i.e. cutting cartolinas) are not allowed in the library, so most students do it in the study areas. If it is rush hour at the canteen, students hang out in these areas. Like most places in the university, these areas also have Wi-Fi accessibility which is only accessible by the students and the faculty members.

  • Siomai and Kwek-kwek Carts

This can be found outside USJ-R every afternoon. You would most likely find students flocking around these carts every afternoon. A lot of students love the siomas and kwek-kweks with hanging rice or “puso”. They would not even mind just sitting and eating on the roadside. Vendors would just provide them with plastic in which they would put their hands on so they could devour the food. After that, they would also opt for gulaman for drinks. This shows how humble most Josenian students are and how much they appreciate the local Filipino food.

There are a lot more places to hang out in the school and just outside of it. The Josenian lifestyle is truly admirable. The students are very friendly so if you are just hanging out alone, you will most likely make new friends with the people beside you. It is a school that does not only develop academic performance, but also socialization.